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Listed below are different options of ways that you can help, allowing you to tailor your participation in a way that meets your expectations and objective toward contributing.

At the moment, this mission is being conducted as a sole proprietor business with several 'non-profit' organization aspects. As with a non-profit, this small organization will conduct itself in a legal and trustworthy fashion. It will model much of the non-profit structure regarding transparency, consistent updates, dedication, and availability. Non-profit status is being researched and weighed.

Please contact me for special request funding arrangements or questions.

Operating Expenses:
These expenses include the cost of overhead, such as rent, insurance, partial salary, etc. It also includes administrative expenses such as printing, general marketing, office supplies, etc.

This is the 'Run Like a Machine' necessity that ensures the most impact is being achieved at any given time. xxxx is efficiency.

Art Supply Gifts - Handouts to Kids with Less Access or at Special Events:
An inventory of basic art supplies is a must to accomplish the 'Giving for Creativity' aspect of the mission. Providing art supplies to kids who don't have acces to them is very high priority. Crayons or colored pencils are also a great gift along with a business card when attending public events for families.

Artwork Collection Logistics - Shipping Provided for Low Income Parents or Guardians:
No child gets overlooked when they want their art in the gallery and also having a part in a world record. Some families can't afford to ship the artwork to the gallery, so we fund that for them with your help.

Swag Bag Gift - Handed out at end of 'Small Group' Presentation to Each Child.
This is a great way to expand beyond the presentation and make the experience last with a small bag of items such as colored pencils, decals, lessons, communication and promotions to parents, etc

Presentation Display - Interesting and interactive Props:
Guest visits wouldn't be nearly as powerful without the use of an attention-getting display. These are interactive and working props that take children beyond 2D art and into the creativity of engineering and construction as an art form.

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