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In the early years of my life, I took the first steps on a journey that now has a long spanning path behind me comprised of fast straight aways and some tight curves. It has led me to personal fulfillment and gifted me with experiences I cherish and value today. I firmly believe that the right nudges in one's journey begins at a young age, and this belief has become a guiding principle shaping my intentions and actions.

Art was my driving force, and I knew that art could be a very large catagory in many aspects of life. Away from the art mediums, I found a lot of satisfaction in various other activities as well that I now consider mental treasures.

Back when racing BMX bikes was all the rage among many of us kids around the United States, I found myself ranking 8th in Colorado for the National Bicycle Association. During that 'whole lotta fun' era, there were other cool and related milestone include a full page photo of me jumping a photographer on the printed front page of The Denver Post newspaper, a very fun role as a stunt performer in a BMX commercial, and also performing live 'ramp-to-ramp' jumps at special events. The best time was jumping Denver's KIMN 95 AM mascot, The KIMN Chicken. Loved that experience!

Enter the 80s, and now looking back, I can see how the stage was being set. It was a time when rock music, big hair and self-inflected battle jeans made up the culture that united many of us. These were the high school days when hanging out with friends, fast cars and load music was the way of life. Still carrying the high interested in art I brought with me from childhood, enrolling into the offered art classes was a high priority to me during those four years. Outside of those classes, it was common for me to sit in the not so thrilling academic classes and reproduce band logos using a pen or 'tooth marked' pencil on notebooks, desktops, and, yes, those earlier referred to jeans. With no surprise, KISS was the dominant logo taking up real estate, and that nonchalant foreshadow played out decades later for me.

As the late 80s rolled in and school was in the books, I found myself frequenting local '21 and over' clubs and venues as part of a magical community complete with mutual 'atmospheric' understandings and live rock bands covering the hits of the decade. I know many will agree... it was the time of our lives .

Ok, here we go, still without really knowing where all this was leading, but something was happening. It caught my attention that many bands were performing without a backdrop flying behind them.  So, I approached a popular local band one night and proposed a backdrop idea, and Ice-9 became the first band in my backdrop portfolio. I did a handful of projects for bands, but without the internet and not in a full blown entertainment city, painting backdrops was not a feasible way to make a full-time living. I looked at the bigger picture and attended graphic art programs to become more experienced with commercial graphics for the more accessible business and corporate level projects. With very high marks at the end of the programs and the continuing high ambition, it was time to charge forward.

My journey eventually led me to the entertainment capital of the world, where I painted billboards on the iconic Las Vegas strip. Joining a large media company as a painter provided me with invaluable experience, working alongside some of the industry's top talents. The thrill of being tied onto a towering billboard, gazing at world-famous buildings and tourists below, remains strongly etched in my memory.

In early 1995, I moved back to the slower paced city of Denver with much more experience in larger graphics. I started a commercial art business painting graphics for corporations and some U.S. Government projects, including the United States Postal Service and The Air Force Falcons. After almost 13 years of this additional painting experience flying solo, the love for stage backdrops was still pulling at my sleeve. In 2010, and with the internet quickly becoming a powerful resource, I knew I could reach bands all around the world, and Rock City Backdrops was born.

Over the past 14 years, I've painted backdrops for numerous high-profile bands embarking on tours, including my childhood favorite, Kiss, the logo on my old school books. While the backdrop for their private party in Hollywood, CA. may have been modest in size, it holds significant importance in my art career for obvious reasons. Alongside Kiss, I've had the privilege of painting for dozens of other high profile bands I grew up listening to while also knowing that millions of rock fans around the world have seen my paintings. Because of that, something even more special has been calling.

The Art Of Their Journey officially launched on Valentine's Day in 2024 with a great amount of momentum and success right out of the gate. The future looks extremely promising and productive with sharing my experience and personal perspectives as a guest speaker and providing art supplies to kids who don't have access to those tools of creativity.

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