On this page, you will learn and discover additional information about my operation, intentions, schedule, foreseeable future, and possibilities.

I've done my best to be as thorough as possible when assembling this page's content. As the machine revs up higher and momentum increases, this page will be improved continuously, and accordingly.

The Reason Why:

On a personal level, I am very thankful that my backdrop paintings have been seen by millions of people all around the world. The feeling of knowing that they have shared the stages with classic rock stars and bands from that era is quite thrilling and exciting for me. My thankfulness extends well into all the other amazing experiences I have had along the way. In return, I am obligated, responsible for, and eager to bring all this to a higher level that provides a valuable experience and a lasting impression on everyone involved.

I clearly see, and research shows, that the gap between 'access' and 'non-access' to the arts for many kids has been continuously widening throughout the systems and communities due to funding, resources, and, unfortunately, status. That wide and empty space is hindering many more additional children from enjoying a stable curriculum of consistent and creative activities, new introductions to new experiences and interactions, and the inspiration they are entitled to. These activities, along with the necessary academics, are crucial for their early developmental stages. They are fundamental building blocks in many ways and are essential for their development during these early years. I believe in that to the deepest level because I was fortunate to have situations and opportunities as a child that created room to grow. It continues to occur, and I want to share it with the hope that it may offer encouragement and occasionally that extra little nudge to change a course.

Why 'The Lighting Little Journeys Experience' Is NOT a 'Non-Profit':

I believe The Art Of Their Journey is best suited to not being conducted as a non-profit organization. This is primarily based on two important and logical reasons that apply to this certain situation.

1) Sole Responsibility

I seek the exclusive responsibility associated with this mission. The responsibility I have for the kids, supporters, and sponsors plays a big role in the enjoyment I have for this. My goal is to fulfill these duties independently, ensuring that they receive the 'relationship dynamics' directly from me as the sole operator and decision maker. I feel that the mandate for a 501(c)(3) status is not a good fit and will surely slow down the momentum heading toward the objective.

2) Efficiency

Becoming legally recognized as a non-profit demands months of preparation and fees. Furthermore, there's additional time spent on regularly submitting various forms to the IRS and preparing internal reports for the board, etc. Tax laws, record-keeping, public reports, and the transparency of how donations are used are crucial, and I fully adhere to them in this operation, but, instead of spending up valuable time needed for running a legally recognized non-profit, I'll spend it all directly on achieving the goals I work toward. Goals supported by the people who believe in the objective I am focused on.

An Overview of the Objective:

I find myself at an exciting and important point in my journey where I welcome the commitment and desire to re-focus my career toward bringing inspiration and discovery to kids. It's the perfect way to paying-it-forward out of respect for the opportunities I was gifted and worked towards.

The objective is to help fill the 'access to arts and skills' gap created by budget cuts and financial limitations in many communities. This can be accomplished in several ways. One powerful approach is guest speaking at schools and other assemblies composed of kids. This approach provides many benefits through interactive participation, visuals, stories, and explanations.

An Overview of the Keypoints When in a Presentation Setting:

‍1) Exposure to art, who's unique size and use is new to their experiences in the outside world.

2) Exposure to engineering and motor skills using a mechanical fabricated prop suspending the backdrop(s).

3) Exposure to the fascinating and usually hidden mechanics and terms used in the stage industry.

4) Exposure to math when explaining some of the fabrication involved when building the set.

4) Exposure to science when explaining some of the visual and non-visual compounds used on the set.

4) Exposure to technology when explaining the truss system and its history.

4) Culture kindness and humanity encouragement blended in for all the obvious reasons.

4) Encouragement when I tell a story of possibilities.

4) Direction, and how it will probably adjust over the years.

5) Art supply disbursement when budgets can't afford them.

An Overview of the Funding:

It does not make sense to fund this objective by working with schools in a monetary 'Business to Business' fashion. It can be used in certain situations if a budget allows for it, but as mentioned earlier, lack of funding for the arts is the problem in the first place. Those low-budgeted schools and communities don't have the funding to support this when fees costs are taken into account. That approach is not scalable and will severely slow down the momentum. The correct approach points toward community funding along with sponsorships. It will take the monetary issue off the table that I sit at with school administrators, community leaders, and individuals who are my gateway to helping kids.

I am meticulously operating a pledge, donor, and sponsorship program(s) that continually supports the presentations and overall mission expenses. I am positive that the operation funding disbursement aspects will adjust for greater impact and efficiency as the mission progresses and expands.

Transparency is vital for the trust between the community of supporters, alliances, and myself. Regular updates provided to supporters, alliances, and sponsors are also very important for continued information on the progress being made. Here is an overview of the funding operation.

1) Pledges

Pledges can be made towards a specific event being planned or a certain activity designed to achieve a specific objective. Payment is requested when the event or activity has been completed as described in its description.

Events and activities that are under the pledge funding model may include a school or group presentation, distributing art supplies where they are needed most, a live or recorded promotional event to raise further awareness, and many other possibilities.

2) Donations

Donations are provided by supporters when funding is needed before an event or activity to cover any related and upfront costs. Donations are also used to fund the operational aspects of The Art Of Their Journey that allow the momentum to continue forward.

Events and activities that are under the 'Donation' funding model may include travel expenses for out-of-town presentations, special events that require a higher degree of preparation and delivery, operating expenses such as equipment and sustainability, and many other possibilities.  

3) Sponsorship

Incorporating sponsorships into The Art Of Their Journey can significantly enhance the impact, experience, and reach. By partnering with a sponsor who shares the same objective as mine, we can amplify the message and increase resources to provide students with richer experiences and opportunities to discover more.

Sponsorship activations (exposure) include different opportunities at different levels. We can use a method that I know will work well or we can get creative in a way that enhances the experience for everyone involved. Some examples of activations include...

1) Stage left or stage right upright banner.
2) Sample product in gift bags for the kids and attending staff.
3) Logo and/or QR code on marketing material.
4) Logo and description on the webpage and social media.
5) Logo on videos.
6) Mention on Podcast appearances.
Plus much more.

Please reach out if you would like to discuss a sponsorship. I would be interested in seeing what we can put together for a great outcome. Contact

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